Studio Policies and Philosophies 




Experience has shown that students progress in direct relation to the amount of listening to Suzuki repertoire they have experienced. It is the parent’s responsibility to create a familiar, happy, musical environment at home. This can be done by playing recordings on the Suzuki repertoire daily, listening to other masterworks, and by attending live performances. It is important to make quality music a natural part of family life. 


Parental Encouragement


Most students make the best progress with the help of an encouraging parent who take notes at each lesson and supervises home practicing/listening to recordings mentioned above. This is essential for pre-school and younger elementary students so that the parent can learn how to work effectively as the Home Teacher for the rest of the week. Students who are middle-school age and older are expected to take more responsibility by taking their own notes during lessons and working toward these objectives in their home practice, with occasional guidance as needed from a parent. Please remember to review the lesson notes that are emailed to you as a part of your daily practice time. 


Quality, Daily Practice


Quality, daily practice is essential to progress. There is no substitute or shortcut. The amount naturally varies with the age and level of the student. It is the responsibility of the parent to create a supportive environment for daily practice, to help the child work in the teaching points explained at the lesson, to continually polish repertoire previously studied, and to help the child schedule practice as a daily commitment to further musical goals. Expected practice time for a 30 minute lesson once a week is 30 minutes every day, 45 minute lesson once a week is 45 minutes every day, and 60 minute lesson once a week is 60 minutes every day. 


Studio Calendar


Please refer to the studio calendar that is provided each fall for exact days the studio will be open, and concert dates. An updated studio calendar is also always available on my website.




Tuition payments are due in advance at the first lesson of each month. Tuition payments received later than 15 days will incur a $15.00 processing fee. If a check is returned at the bank, payor is responsible for covering the additional charge incurred. Payments will be accepted as cash, personal check, or bank transfer. Info about lesson payment history is always available on my website. Tuition is the same set amount each month, with the exception of June which does not have a tuition payment due. 

Tuition Rates are:

$140.00 per month for a weekly 30 minute lesson
$210.00 per month for a weekly 45 minute lesson
$280.00 per month for a weekly 60 minute lesson


Make-up Lesson


Please notify me as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your lesson. I will reschedule only one lesson per year for your illness or family emergency only. Once scheduled, a make-up then canceled by the student will be forfeited and not rescheduled.



Rescheduling Lessons


Please use the Weekly Schedule to arrange a lesson swap if you wish to reschedule your lesson. Please plan ahead, and also notify me of any changes. If I must cancel your lesson other than for my illness, I will notify you as soon as possible and offer you a choice of make-up times.




Please refer to the Studio Calendar for the exact days the studio will be open. Typically the studio follows a public school calendar.


Snow Days/Bad Weather


The studio will be open unless otherwise advised. I will contact you directly if I choose to close as well as post it on the studio facebook page. If I choose to stay open please come if you feel you can do so safely. Please call if you cannot come. 


Student Performances


It is a joyful privilege to share our music with others. No student of any age is forced to perform a solo, but it is highly encouraged that students participate in studio recitals as well as NYSSMA festivals. Often this can be achieved in a group setting if the student is reluctant to perform by themselves. All students are encouraged to perform frequently for friends and family. 


Studio Website


All students/parents will be registered in the studio website. They are expected to log on regularly to record their practice time and review their weekly lesson notes. This is also a space to stay updated on current events and blog posts. Students/parents are also encouraged to follow the studio instagram account,




Please don’t hesitate to call, or email if you have a question, problem or suggestion. I want to help you succeed in your musical goals and further your enjoyment of music!